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Ramona P. Rubio, Ph.D. 

As a Cultural Mythologist, Artist and Social Alchemist, I listen to and dissect the stories we tell as individuals, groups and nations and how we weave these stories into elaborate potent life tapestries.  Then I translate the emotions garnered from these narratives into an artistic representation.


For me, Mythology is the soul story of every culture that drives humanity towards its destiny.  I believe that because of their dynamic attributes, our soul stories can be lovingly engineered by benevolent visionaries, Alchemists of the 21st Century, into a grand design; creating an elixir that quenches our thirst for a healthy and holistic new way of being.  Perhaps I’m dreaming, but I desire to contribute to this vision through my artistic renderings.


Currently, I am working on a series of Jesters that lend themselves to a variety of emotional motifs—from silly to serious—reflections of humanities foibles, fantasies, and feelings.  In addition, I’m exploring how Jesters affect the “mood” of the psyche with their ability to be colorful in appearance, yet poignant in demeanor.


Throughout the ages, Jesters have played a vital role in making fun of Kings and their hubristic tendencies.  No one was safe from a Jester’s ridicule!  Therefore, I see them as powerful messengers capable of lifting our spirits and reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously.  For me, they play an alchemical role in our lives, poking, prodding and prying into our deepest psychic crevices.

Jesters by Ramona Rubio

In addition to my interests in Myth and Jesters, I've also delved into the mysterious world of alchemy.  I co-wrote the book, The Alchemical Woman, A Handbook for Everyday Soulwork.


We wrote this self-help book to assist women who seek personal empowerment and spiritual fullfillment in their lives.


You can purchase the book here.  See purchase book tab.

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